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Karats and Coins is professionally designed for investors in gold and silver bullion and silver coins. It is an essential tool for:

– buyers and sellers of gold and silver bullion
– buyers and sellers of coins
– investors and collectors
– pawnbrokers

It’s a one stop shop in the palm of your hand.


To the minute spot prices


Get up to the minute spot prices and convert them by measure of weight and in 20 currencies









Convert weights in both troy and avoirdupois measures







Gold melt calculator letting you choose purity, currency and different measures of weight. You can decide whether to use market figures or your own spot prices and exchange rates






You can calculate the face value of gold and silver coins to pay for a given amount in a particular currency at various exchange rates and spot prices and with or without a premium. You can choose to use market figures or your own spot prices






Convert a given face value of silver coins into a price at various currencies and spot prices with or without a commission. Again, use market information or input your own spot prices







Get immediate access to gold and silver trend charts from 30 days to 10 years from the present date